I’ve started blogging again after a bit of a break, and decided to get real about a few home truths. You might know the feeling of being kind of sick of being permanently broke. Do you ever think things are going well and you’re just getting back on your feet again, when something happens to knock you back to the bottom of the financial snakes and ladders board? That’s me. But in 2017 I decided to make some changes. The first is getting real about paying off debts and future money goals. If you’re sick of scraping by, then why not join me in getting educated about getting rich once and for all. Here goes!!



This book contains some simple advice, and it’s a set-and-forget-it plan to get rich. However, my thoughts are it works better for younger people as it takes a long time to see fruition. You’ll need to buy the book to discover the secret sauce, and it’s still worth checking out as there’s no point beating yourself up if the years have rolled by and you don’t have much in your retirement pot – you are where you are, so from now on just be realistic and proactive about improving your financial position.



This one’s a 21 day challenge to get to $1,000, but for your personal challenge, you can set the money amount to whatever figure you like. It’s a workbook which is why I bought the paperback. I’d be the first agree that the concept sounds a bit woo-woo but it’s got hundreds of 5 star reviews on Amazon with most of them saying that they reached the monetary target or higher within the timeframe. Several people have done this a few times and have reached higher cashouts with each go-around. More importantly, the feedback I read on Amazon and on Facebook is that it’s not hard and you just have to do one little thing every day. In the interests of research and taking one for the team, I’m gonna try it and report back, and will post the results here.



This one’s for doers who are ready for action and prepared to make changes to accelerate their path to wealth. This book isn’t about making a few thousand dollars in a short space of time – it’s about taking your income to another level, way beyond your wildest dreams. The key thing I like about this book is that it takes the view that life is for living to the full now, when you’re youngish, rather than saving for forty years so you have money when you retire, but you’re too old to enjoy it. This book will get you really fired up so that the action needed doesn’t feel like a pain, but something that you really want to do because it gets a desire burning inside you that makes you really believe in yourself and your own true potential. Sure, some action is required, but if you think you deserve a lot of wealth and are just as talented/intelligent/worthy as the rich folk you know who seem to have got all the luck then this is a definite must-read. MJ DeMarco shows you how you make your own luck, and that it’s there for the taking.



Jen Sincero is really funny. This is an irreverent, and in my case, pretty realistic, insight into how you probably got yourself in the financial stink-hole you currently find yourself in, and how to dig yourself out of it fast. It’s largely due to Jen’s likability that I found I could relate to everything she was saying and believe that she knows what she’s talking about. If you want a no-BS guide to get back on your feet and turn your life around so that you have no more money worries, this is the book for you. Highly recommended.



Personal confession – I am not a big fan of Tony Robbins. The reasons are neither here nor there, so I won’t go into the details. That being said, when it comes to getting rich, Tony Robbins can walk the talk, so I thought he might have something to teach me and ponied up the moolah to line Tony’s pockets even further. This is a weighty tome and it does cover a lot of detail about investing, the problem is it’s not much use for anyone who doesn’t have any money RIGHT NOW, and needs some fast. For that reason, proceed with caution. If you have some money behind you and are ready to take the next step, this book is probably great. For everyone else, you might want to consider getting back to basics with our friend Dave Ramsey and the next book below.



Dave Ramsay takes a no-holds-barred approach in getting to the bottom of your money problems – YOU!!! He presents you with a workable solution for getting out of debt and building your money muscle so that you don’t get into trouble again. Make no mistake, you will have to make changes to how you deal with money to get your finance goals back on track, but if you do what Dave tells you, he promises that you can live like no other for the rest of your life. Includes great examples of real people who got out of six figure debt and turned their lives around, retired early etc. And no, it doesn’t involve declaring yourself bankrupt and starting over. No matter how bad your credit history, Dave shows you how to repair it, or even better – to never have to use credit again.



Aimed at the younger generation, this straight talking guide from Ramit Sethi lays out a 6 week plan to help you to master your money with the minimum effort so you are free to get on with the rest of your life without money worries hanging over your head. That must be a great feeling. He also has a blog with lots of free advice over at iwillteachyoutoberich.com.



A fascinating insight into the secrets of how real American millionaires live – and it’s not all flash cars, private jets and Kardashian butt jobs. When you think about being rich, you might want all of those things (not the butt, please!), but that’s how people blow through all their money in no time. There could be a millionaire next door to you driving a ten year old Mazda and shopping at Target and you would be none the wiser. Read this to discover how living within your means can be the difference between a comfortable life with no drama, and an angst-filled existence not being able to make rent and hoping that your kid won’t need braces.



The message of the timeless personal finance classic by Napoleon Hill is still as true today  as when it was first published in 1937. Don’t let the fact that it’s an old-timey book turn you off. This crux of the book boils down to the fact that a lot of barriers to getting rich are self imposed psychological obstacles that you put in your own way. The power of thought and self belief can train your mentality to overcome whatever it is that’s holding you back from building your personal fortune. A load of old hokey? You decide.



Worth a read for getting you to think about different ways of making money, although Robert is a big fan of property investing which isn’t for everyone. The message to take away is that a regular job is always going to leave you broke, and that you should be looking at the possibilities for making passive income and for your money to work for itself. Easier said than done when you have mouths to feed and regular outgoings, but definitely something to aspire to. It’s a bit of an eye-opener even if you decide that a regular pay check is the way you want to go.


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